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Mabry, George L., Jr. - (Army-retired-deceased) (MOH

Magruder, Major General Lawson W. III (Army)

Magruder, Lieutenant General Lawson W. III (Army-retired)

Manriquelozano, Alejandro I.,Specialist Fourth Class (Operation Just Cause fallen warrior – Panama, 20 Dec 89)

Manwaring, Max and Anthony Gray, Panama:  Operations Just Cause, chapter 2 of Policing the New World Disorder : Peace Operations and Public Security,

Markwell, James W., Private First Class (Operation Just Cause fallen warrior – Panama, 20 Dec 89)

Martin, Major General Charles H. (Army-retired-deceased)

McAuliffe, Lieutenant General Dennis P. (Army) 

McAuliffe, Lieutenant General Dennis P. (Army-retired)

Mather, General George R. (Army-retired-deceased)

McBride, Lieutenant General Horace L. (Army-retired-deceased)

McCaffrey, General Barry R. (Army)

McCaffrey, General Barry R. (Army-retired)  

McCains Connection to Panama

ADM John S., Sr. ADM John S., Jr. Sen. John S., III Sen. McCain's trips to Panama

McFaul, Donald L., ENC/Chief Petty Officer (Operation Just Cause fallen warrior – Panama, 20 Dec 89)

McGarr, Major General L. C. (Army-retired-deceased)

MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENTS with connection to Panama:

            Badders, William - Chief Machinist's Mate (Navy) (MOH 1939) 
Breault, Henry - Torpedoman’s Mate Second Class (Navy) (MOH 1924)
Butler, Smedley Darlington – Major (Marine Corps) (Two MOH-Mexican Campaign 1915 & Haiti 1915)
Donlon, Roger Hugh C. - Colonel (Army) (MOH-Vietnam 1964)
Lindbergh, Charles, A., Jr. – Army Air Corps Reserve (MOH 1928)
Mabry, George L., Jr. - Major General (Army) (MOH - WWII 1944) 
Ormsbee, Francis Edward, Jr- Aviation Chief Machinist's Mate (Navy) (MOH 1918)
Roosevelt, Theodore – Army – U.S. President (MOH 2000)

Military Bases in Panama (1904-1999) - Summary Descriptions

Military Bases Transfer to Panama Ceremonies

Military Bases Transferred to Panama -- Alphabetical list of all transferred bases and other military properties with links to summary descriptions of all major transferred properties

Military Commands - Army Commanders in Panama (1914-1999) -- at Quarry Heights (1914-1947), at Fort Amador (1947-1979), and at Fort Clayton (1979-1999)

Military Commands - Senior Commanders and Commands in Panama (1914-1997) - at Quarry Heights

Military (U.S.) Presence in Panama

Military Property Transfers to Panama (1979-1999) - Summary (including map and summary charts) 

Montague, Lieutenant General Robert M. (Army-deceased)

Morris, Lieutenant General William H.H. (Army-retired-deceased)



Narcotics Trafficking - International Narcotics Control Strategy Reports - Panama

NATO - Southern Command Connection

New Horizons / Nuevos Horizontes exercises in region: Overview 

New Horizons 2005 exercise in Panama

New Horizons 2003 exercise in Panama

Nutting, Lieutenant General Wallace H. (Army-retired) 


Ogilvie, Colonel Vincent (Army-retired)

O'Meara, Lieutenant General / General Andrew P. (Army-retired-deceased)

Operation Just Cause (Invasion of Panama December 20, 1989)

Operation Promote Liberty in Panama (1990-1994)

Ormsbee, Francis Edward, Jr. (Navy) (MOH 1918)

Owens, Wilson B., Chief Warrant Officer 2 (Operation Just Cause fallen warrior – Panama 23 Dec 89)



Pace, General Peter - named Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Pace, General Peter - retired Oct. 2007

Pagonis, Colonel William "Gus"(Army)

Pagonis, Lieutenant General William "Gus" ( Army-retired)

Painters - Panamanian:

Cedeρo, Juan Manuel biography paintings

Panama - Country Profile

Panama - Country Reports - Index

Panama - Human Rights Reports

Panama - Introductory Photo Page

Panama - Presidents:

ENDARA Galimany, Guillermo (1989 - 1994)
MARTINELLI Berrocal, Ricardo (2009 - 2014) Inaugural Speech: English Spanish
MOSCOSO, Mireya (1999 - 2004)
PEREZ BALLADARES, Ernesto (1994 - 1999)
TORRIJOS Espino, Martin (2004 - 2009)


Panama Canal Treaty of 1977
Impact on Military
Impact on Panama Canal Operations
Transfer to Panama of Panama Canal      
Transfers to Panama of Military Bases and other Properties:
Alphabetical list - summary
Detailed list by date of transfer 
Treaty Transition period - Military
Treaty Transition period – Panama Canal   -  Milestones 

Panama Canal Treaty of 1977 and Neutrality Treaty (full text)   Click here for pdf format

Panvini, Colonel Joseph (Air Force-retired)

Paul, Richard A. (Panama, 20 Dec 89)

Paz, Marine Lieutenant Robert (Panama, 16 Dec 89)

Peabody, Lieutenant Colonel John W. (Army)

Peabody, Brigadier General John W. (Army)

Perez, Ivan D., Corporal (Operation Just Cause fallen warrior – Panama, 20 Dec 89)

Plummer, Brigadier General E.H. (Army-retired-deceased)

Porter, Andrew T., Warrant Officer 1 (Operation Just Cause fallen warrior – Panama, 23 Dec 89)

Porter, Major General R. E. (Army-retired-deceased)

Porter, General Robert W. (Army-retired-deceased)

Price, John M., Private First Class (Operation Just Cause fallen warrior – Panama, 20 Dec 89)

Promote Liberty Operation in Panama (1990-1994)

Promote Liberty Operation - Follow-on Assistance to Panama afer Just Cause:
Key Events - Summary


Quarry Heights - History

Quarry Heights - History - Legacy Resource Management Publication - complete publication (83 pages - text only)

Quarry Heights - New Uses by Panama

Quarry Heights - What Transferred



Reviews - Guarding the Crossroads: Security and defense of the Panama Canal (Charles Morris)

Richards, Colonel Mark (Air Force-retired)

Richardson, Brigadier General / Major General William R. (Army)

Richardson, Lieutenant General / General William R. (Army-retired)

Ridgway, Lieutenant General Matthew B. (Army-retired-deceased)

Ridgway, General Matthew B. (Army-retired-deceased)

Rodriguez, Isaac B., TM2/Petty Officer Second Class (Operation Just Cause fallen warrior – Panama, 20 Dec 89)

Roosevelt, Theodore-  Army – U.S. President (MOH)

Rosson, General William B. (Army-retired-deceased)

Roth, Scott L., Private-2 (Operation Just Cause fallen warrior – Panama, 20 Dec 89)

Rousseau - Former Navy Hospital / Housing Area

Rowell, Brigadier General F.W. (Army-retired-deceased)



Sanchez, Colonel / Brigadier General Ricardo S. (Army)

Sanchez, Lieutenant General Ricardo S. (Army-retired)

Sanchez, Ricardo and Marc Cisneros

School of the Americas-Army (in Panama)

Sconyers,Colonel  Ronald (Air Force) 

Sconyers,Brigadier General Ronald (Air Force-retired) 

Scott, Kenneth Douglas, Private-2 (Operation Just Cause fallen warrior – Panama, 20 Dec 89)

Security and defense of the Panama Canal - Guarding the Crossroads (Charles Morris) - Review

Shreaves, Sheppard -- Awarded Congressional Life Saving Medal for his heroic salvage efforts of sub O-5 sunk in Limon Bay 1923; featured in:

           Breault awarded Medal of Honor for rescue of shipmate
O-5 is Down! (U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Feb 1972) by Julius Grigore, Jr.

Sink, Lieutenant General Robert F. (Army-retired-deceased)

Smullen, Lieutenant Colonel F. William "Bill" III (Army)

Smullen, Colonel F. William "Bill" III (Army-retired)

Southern Command Change of Command Oct 19, 2006: Admiral James G. Stavridis

Southern Command Change of Command Ceremony Oct 19, 2006: Admiral Stavridis take helm of SouthCom

Southern Command - NATO Connection

Southern Command - Naval Leader Taking Helm of SouthCom by Carol Rosenberg (Miami Herald, October 16, 2006)

Speer, Colonel Gary D. (Army-retired)

Speer, Brigadier General /Major General / Lieutenant General Gary D. (Army)

Stavridis, Admiral James G. - Southern Command Commander October 19, 2006:  Change of Command ceremony

Stone, Major General David L. (Army-retired-deceased)  

Stephenson, Barbara J., new ambassador to Panama (August 2008)

Sturgis, Major General S.D. (Army-retired-deceased)

Submarine sunk in Limon Bay, Canal Zone, October 1923 - The O-5 is Down! by Julius Grigore, Jr,. Institute of Naval Proceedings, Feb 1972 - Rescue and salvage of the U.S. submarine O-5 sunk in Limon Bay, Canal Zone Oct 1923



Tabor, James A., Private-1 (Operation Just Cause fallen warrior – Panama, 22 Dec 89)

Taylor, Brigadier General / Major General James R. (Army-retired)

Thurman, General Maxwell R. (Army-retired-deceased)

Tilghman, Christopher, BM1/Petty Officer First Class (Operation Just Cause fallen warrior – Panama, 20 Dec 89)

Timmons, Major General Richard F. (Army)

Timmons, Lieutenant General Richard F. (Army-retired)

Treaties - United States-Panama:
1903 Treaty (Hay-Bunau-Vatilla Treaty)
Neutralitiy Treaty (1977)
Panama Canal Treaty of 1977


U.S. Army School of the Americas

Underwood, General George V. (Army-retired-deceased)



Van Voorhis, Lieutenant General Daniel (Army-retired-deceased)



Watt - Ambassador Linda Watt departed Panama July 2005

What's New

Wilhelm, General Charles E. (Marine Corps)

Wilhelm, General Charles E. (Marine Corps-retired)

Whitlock, Major General L. J. (Army-retired-deceased

Wilson, Brigadier General J. L. (Army-retired)

Woerner, Brigadier General / Major General Frederick F. (Army)

Woerner, Lieutenant General / General Frederick F. (Army-retired)








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